Medical Centre Water Damage

The Challenge:

A medical centre had its main water pipe burst in their utility room, which blew a hole in the wall lining causing over 1,000 sqm of water damage.

On inspection we found that the internal walls were steel framed and all insulation was damaged.

Drying the wet materials before the the onset of Mould growth was a major concern.

As the business operated 7 days a week between 8am-8pm all works had to be performed outside of these hours.  It was a huge challenge considering demolition works were required to plaster wall linings.

Solution Provided: 

We performed all our works after hours and successfully managed to dry the property without impact to the business or to add costs to the BI claim.

All works performed included water extraction, moisture mapping, electrical make safe, plaster removal throughout the property, removal of wet insulation, install, monitor and remove drying equipment each night, relay carpet tiles and clean once reinstalled.  Following these works a hygienist attended and provided a successful Post Remediation Verification (PRV).  All wet materials were dry and free of Mould.  All areas clean and free from dust and debris.






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