Injectidry Trial of a Residential Property in Perth

The Challenge:

Over 95% of dwellings in Perth are double brick construction with internal rendered and plaster walls. When they become saturated, you cannot simply cut out the effected area, you need to dry the structure. There are a few challenges with this as brick and plaster are very porous and hold a lot of moisture. In this case, the leak was at the top of the wall resulting in complete saturation from top to bottom in the ensuite and a joining walk in robe. When the walls are painted, the paint acts as a moisture barrier

Solution Provided:

A roller was used to perforate the paint with thousands of small holes to break the vapour barrier and allow moisture out, thus minimising repair costs.  Even with the moisture barrier broken, the drying process using air movers and dehumidifiers would have taken two to three weeks to dry.  Thus resulting in additional cost, time and inconvenience for both insured and insurer.

With excessive moisture affecting the entire floor to ceiling, providing adequate air flow across all areas was every difficult, let alone inside the internal wall cavity which is impossible using air movement and dehumidification.

However, using the Injectidry System negative vacuum system, we were able to place the affected areas under negative vacuum and draw excessive moisture through all building materials.  This was measured on a regular basis, and over the drying project.

Drawing a moisture map, we were able to document and show the system working in real terms.  As a result, we were able to reduce the moisture levels by half in some areas in only 4 days and return the area to a pre-loss moisture content condition, enabling painting works to take place without costly buildings repairs.

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