Industrial Freezer Malfunction

The Challenge:

In June 2020, an electrical malfunction in an industrial blast freezer, in the largest commercial tuna factory in Port Lincoln, SA, caused a polycarbonate freezer to melt and spread an odorous residue throughout the entire factory 4 weeks before over 200 tonnes of sashimi grade southern blue fin tuna arrived for processing.

The challenge was to remediate the entire factory’s structure and contents, remove all odour and sanitise all areas to a food grade standard before the arrival of the tuna.


Solution Provided: 

Staff from Steamatic Regional South Australia – Port Lincoln Depot promptly attended site and met with their management, where an appraisal of the large factory was conducted. Extensive discussions within the Steamatic group ensured a solution methodology was quickly identified and a comprehensive report with scope of works was compiled and submitted.

Once works were approved, Steamatic began the task of restoring the factory in preparation for the arrival of the tuna by utilising scissor lifts, scaffolding, air filtration and odour control technology.  An interesting note is that all works were closely monitored via CCTV from Japan.  Japanese buyers would normally be present to monitor quality, but due to Covid-19 could not attend and therefore, CCTV had been fitted especially to enable remote monitoring from Japan.

All works were successfully completed to a high standard, much to the relief of site management who celebrated the professionalism of Steamatic Regional South Australia.






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