Drying of walls and particle board subfloors

Branch/Regional Location: Gold Coast

Type of Loss: Water

The Challenge: Drying of walls and particle board subfloors

Solution Provided:

Water from a burst flexi hose under the kitchen sink affected 9 rooms in total throughout the double storey house. 3 rooms which were carpet and were deemed non-restorable and one carpeted room that was deemed restorable. Affected carpet and underlay was removed and disposed and drying equipment was installed to dry concrete subfloor.

Invasive drying was required in the kitchen cabinetry and bathroom cabinetry. Plaster was required to be drilled in the downstairs bedroom for installation of specialist drying equipment to dry inside the wall and ceiling cavities.

Structural drying was required in all affected rooms.

Particle board subfloor was affected and required a 4-port drying system to be installed to mitigate further damages.

Specialist heat drying mats were used to dry the solid timber flooring in the kitchen.

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