Document Recovery

When a State Government department sustained a major water damage in a storage facility that housed significant Historical documents that were damaged and possibly destroyed, Steamatic was able to restore and save these by utilising the vacuum freeze drying process.

The documents, maps and plans were the original drawings of subdivisions of all towns and areas within the state.  They were on paper, linen and some were laminated; all had adhered to the rusty draughtsman drawers that they were stored in.

Government officials initially thought the documents were damaged beyond salvaging until Steamatic provided a proposal and an option to restore.

Steamatic was able to inventory and remove the metal draws and arrange the freezing of the documents, plans and maps in the drawers to stabilise and prevent ongoing damage until Steamatic was able to construct a chamber specifically to house the metal drawers in order to Vacuum Freeze Dry the contents.  All contents were recovered and undamaged with only slight water marks on the paper saving approximately 10,000 pieces of our history.

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