Childcare Centre Remediation

Type of Loss: Category 3 Water Damage

The Challenge:

  1. Category 3 water flooded several play rooms of a large childcare centre in regional regional Victoria
  2. Following initial mitigation which was done over the course of a weekend, recommendations were provided for remediation which was to include a strip out of skirting boards and plaster wall linings up to 600mm, followed by a low pressure flood wash, sanitisation and structural drying
  3. Due to the nature of the facility, a Post Remediation Verification (PRV) was required prior to the centre reopening
  4. The centre management could not do without the affected rooms, and wished to explore alternative options rather than closing its doors
  5. As the works were being complete over the festive season, there were no building trades on hand to complete reinstatement works in a hurry

Solution Provided:

  1. The centre advised our office that they had a shutdown period of 10 days over the Christmas and New Year period
  2. Different solutions were discussed with the centre management, the loss adjuster, and hygienist to agree on an outcome that suited all parties
  3. During the 10 day shutdown, Steamatic completed the remediation works as per industry standards, and successfully passed a Post Remediation Verification inspection by an independent hygienist.
  4. In order for the centre to safely open as scheduled, Steamatic also installed some temporary wall linings following the PRV to ensure the rooms could be utilised before proper repairs could be completed

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