Bushfire Remediation

The Challenge:

In the wake of the devastating bushfires that ravaged the East Coast of Australia during the summer of 2019/20. SGR responded to a high-end resort that had been severely affected by the fires. Whilst no building damage was recorded, the first fire came within metres of many of the buildings. It was peak season and the resort promptly made reopening the top priority.

Solution Provided: 

During the drive in, there were still trees smoldering and the smell of fire in the air. But with over 40 staff on site, SGR, quickly and diligently worked through the staff quarters, to allow the resorts staff to return.


Then works proceeded throughout the rest of the resort, working closely with resort staff to ensure areas were cleaned in conjunction with staff returning to work. SGR also coordinated other subcontractors to clear dangerous trees and decontaminate the roofs of the main resort buildings.

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